Engine Model Description Part Number Quantity
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 valve cover gasket) 4283391 5
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 inlet valves 4255216 28
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 exhaust valves 4255217 28
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 main bearing 2909100 50
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 turbo charger 4209159 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 fuel injector 2112626 60
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 nozzle element 2126846 80
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 narrow v-belt 1179474 100
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 v-belt 1180182 100
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 coolant pump 4283172 20
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 cooling system 4259735 12
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 charging alternator 12v 1178521 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 fuel pump 4207013 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 fuel supply pump 2111961 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 stop solenoid (shutdown device) 4199900 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 rot shaft lip seal 4253372 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1012 rear crank seal 4253332 10

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MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is a specialist company Group offering a cost effective and comprehensive professional service throughout the world. Our team of highly trained staff and engineers are experienced in all types of diesel machinery and marine equipment, power plant equipment and turbochargers.

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Deliveries of diesel engine spare parts an their components, complete deck and engine equipments, electrical stores, from European and Asia manufacturers to ship owners and ship management companies, fishing fleets, shipbuilding yards and ship repair yards as well as trading companies.

Distributor, repair, service & spare parts

Diesel Engine,Generator, Gas turbine, Gas Engine and other auxiliary equipment such as the oil separator, air compressor etc.

Engineering / Consulting

Gas generator sets, disel engine, CHP and CCHP system ,transformer equipment, monitoring alarm system,gas treatment equipment,cooling system control system, Exhaust gas purification system

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