instock MWM DEUTZ engine parts,model MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013-J824

Engine Model Description Part Number Quantity
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 Cylinder head gasket 4201562 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 valve cover gasket 4201562 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 cylinder liner 4253771 20
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 turbo charger 4253953 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 fuel injector 2112955 20
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 v-belt 1179988 100
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 water circulation pump 4256809 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 cooling system 4259742 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 12V(charging alternator ) 1178521 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 fuel pump 4207013 5
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 carbon brushes 1318683 100
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 stop solenoid (shutdown device) 4199902 10
MWM DEUTZ BF4M 1013 rear crank seal 4253373 15

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MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is a specialist company Group offering a cost effective and comprehensive professional service throughout the world. Our team of highly trained staff and engineers are experienced in all types of diesel machinery and marine equipment, power plant equipment and turbochargers.

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Company’s Marine Activities:

Deliveries of diesel engine spare parts an their components, complete deck and engine equipments, electrical stores, from European and Asia manufacturers to ship owners and ship management companies, fishing fleets, shipbuilding yards and ship repair yards as well as trading companies.

Distributor, repair, service & spare parts

Diesel Engine,Generator, Gas turbine, Gas Engine and other auxiliary equipment such as the oil separator, air compressor etc.

Engineering / Consulting

Gas generator sets, disel engine, CHP and CCHP system ,transformer equipment, monitoring alarm system,gas treatment equipment,cooling system control system, Exhaust gas purification system

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Pressure Sensor for deutz Bf4m1013 Diesel Engine

deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor south ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensorsea solid waste disposal environmental protection industrial park is located next to ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor lion shan university town, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province, with a total area of over 300 mu and a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor project began to be planned in 2006 and will be completed by 2015. Industrial park contains ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor south ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensorsea waste incineration power generation project, integration of urban and rural living garbage transfer project, located in nanhai district and centralized control system, ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor sludge treatment projects, eat hutch garbage disposal project, fly ash treatment project, waste leachate treatment system, formed by ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor source to ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor terminal complete domestic solid waste treatment industry chain, to achieve ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor 100% living garbage disposal in ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor south ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensorsea. In ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor process of solid waste disposal, ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor industrial park has a strict control on ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor selection of process. ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor waste incineration power generation project adopts ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor current international mature technology technology to meet ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor eu environmental emission standard. ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor life refuse transfer project realizes ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor unified planning, construction, configuration, scheduling and unified operation management of ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor garbage disposal. Sludge treatment project, adopting “steam drying + mixing” treatment process. ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor kitchen waste disposal project adopts anaerobic digestion, biogas power generation, residue incineration process, and USES gutter oil to refine biodiesel. Fly ash solidification treatment, adopt “chemical stabilisation + cement chelate landfill”. ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor treatment of leachate was treated with “MBR + ultrafiltration membrane + nanofiltration membrane + reverse osmosis membrane”. 3, energy saving (linyi) ecosystem circulation industrial park in ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor first domestic enterprise “urban and rural solid waste resource recycling industrial park” project recommended units: energy saving in China’s environmental protection group co., LTD. (linyi) ecosystem circulation industrial park is ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor first domestic enterprise “urban and rural solid waste resource recycling industrial park”. In March 2014, shandong province released ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor first batch of economic demonstration units, which were ranked among ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensorm. Its starting point is living garbage processing mainland, with environmental protection priority, resource sharing, build infrastructure, arrangement in material cycle, energy use is ,deutz Bf4m1013 Pressure Sensor construction idea, aim to develop high-end ecological circulation industrial park.

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Starter for deutz BFM1013,deutz diesel engine spare parts

deutz BFM1013 Needle valve,deutz BFM1013 coupling,deutz BFM1013 nozzle,deutz BFM1013 atomizing head,deutz BFM1013 plunger,deutz BFM1013 outlet valve,deutz BFM1013 safety valve,deutz BFM1013 indicator valve,deutz BFM1013 pressure gauge,deutz BFM1013 guide,deutz BFM1013 thermometer,deutz BFM1013 tachometer,deutz BFM1013 front end of the box,deutz BFM1013 temperature control box,deutz BFM1013 start valve,deutz BFM1013 main starting valve,deutz BFM1013 detonation pressure table,deutz BFM1013
Reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions from the exhaust gas recirculation device at the cost of reducing engine combustion efficiency ,deutz BFM1013 Starter sacrificing power ,deutz BFM1013 Starter economy. Therefore, the recirculation quantity of waste gas must be controlled within a certain range, so that the influence of power ,deutz BFM1013 Starter economy can be controlled within acceptable limits. When the recirculation increases to a certain extent, the combustion rate is too slow, the combustion fluctuation increases, hydrocarbon emissions increase, ,deutz BFM1013 Starter the power ,deutz BFM1013 Starter fuel economy deteriorate seriously. Generally, the recycling amount should be below 20%.A large number of studies show that the oxygen content in exhaust gas is low, ,deutz BFM1013 Starter the relative content of oxygen in the combustion chamber is reduced after the combustion chamber is introduced. At the same time, the heat capacity of exhaust gas can absorb a lot of combustion heat during combustion, thus reducing the maximum combustion temperature of the engine. The production of nitrogen oxides can be greatly reduced by two aspects. Usually the rate is 30~ 50%.

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Water pump for deutz BFM1013,deutz 1013 diesel engine spare parts

deutz BFM1013 Cylinder head,deutz BFM1013 Cylinder,deutz BFM1013 crankshaft,deutz BFM1013 Engine block,deutz BFM1013 Engine frame,deutz BFM1013 piston,deutz BFM1013 connecting rod,deutz BFM1013 connecting rod bolt,deutz BFM1013 gasket,deutz BFM1013 intake valve,deutz BFM1013 exhaust valve,deutz BFM1013 Inlet valve seat,deutz BFM1013 exhaust valve seat,deutz BFM1013
The exhaust gas recirculation device (EGR) is a device that can reduce emissions. ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump will be a part of the engine exhaust gas is introduced into the cylinder, the use of engine exhaust with low oxygen content ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump the characteristics of high heat capacity, reduce the oxygen in the cylinder ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump the maximum combustion temperature, thereby reducing nox generation.The oxygen content in the engine exhaust is low, ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump has a large thermal capacity, which reduces the intake volume after entering into the intake system, which is to reduce the total amount of oxygen. At the same time, the air intake is diluted, the energy of the mixture is reduced, ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump the relative content of the highest combustion temperature ,deutz BFM1013 Water pump oxygen can be reduced, so as to reduce the production of nitrogen oxides effectively.

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