Piston Ring Fit for DEUTZ , DEUTZ -FIL511D,FL912D,SOM03,

Item Brand Engine Type Reference CylNo. Diameter
Piston Ring Fit for Deutz
1 Deutz FIL511D 6 φ100
2 Deutz FL912D 6 φ100
3 Deutz SOM03 6 φ100
4 Deutz F4L913D 6 φ102
5 Deutz FL913C 6 φ102
6 Deutz BFL913T 6 φ102
7 Deutz FL913ZY 6 φ102
8 Deutz 226B 6 φ105
9 Deutz 1013 6 φ108
10 Deutz 1013 6 φ108
11 Deutz BFL413 6 φ125
12 Deutz BFL513 6 φ125

The piston rings developed by our company have been extensively supplied to wholesalers in Europe and Southeast asia. Perennial stable product quality by customers alike.

The company challenges leading European piston ring standard, has introduced the outer circle lathe, high precision double end grinder, surface grinder, grinding machine, elevator repair machine, CNC machine tools, CNC, CNC polishing, R hook groove electroplating Center, machining and other advanced equipment, with sophisticated testing equipment and perfect detection method. And processing all kinds of special-shaped section, all kinds of oil ring, partial barrel ring, inside and outside the opening stopping ring, nose ring etc.. The company strictly organizes production according to ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system standard. The German Goetz production process, mainly the production of ships, engineering machinery and air compressor piston ring, 500 kinds of specifications.



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MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

MTU Engine Parts & Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. is a specialist company Group offering a cost effective and comprehensive professional service throughout the world. Our team of highly trained staff and engineers are experienced in all types of diesel machinery and marine equipment, power plant equipment and turbochargers.

We can offer the best solutions and prices for almost types of Ships built in China, France, Russia, Germany & Poland.

We serve and supply the seagoing vessel, river ships, and fishing fleets with diesel engine spare parts and marine equipment. Well-Known ship owners, ship management companies and shipyards on all continents have built up their confidence in us and become our regular customers.


Due to the long-standing experience and good co-operation with leading manufacturers worldwide. Consignments are of original spare parts from our highly qualified and certified manufacturers and OEM suppliers what we can prove and guarantee.


Our committed and experienced team guarantees you a thorough handling of each enquiry.

Company’s Marine Activities:

Deliveries of diesel engine spare parts an their components, complete deck and engine equipments, electrical stores, from European and Asia manufacturers to ship owners and ship management companies, fishing fleets, shipbuilding yards and ship repair yards as well as trading companies.

Distributor, repair, service & spare parts

Diesel Engine,Generator, Gas turbine, Gas Engine and other auxiliary equipment such as the oil separator, air compressor etc.

Engineering / Consulting

Gas generator sets, disel engine, CHP and CCHP system ,transformer equipment, monitoring alarm system,gas treatment equipment,cooling system control system, Exhaust gas purification system

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Coolant pump for deutz BFM2012

deutz bf 2012 drawing cylinder,deutz bf 2012 control system,deutz bf 2012 exhaust manifold,deutz bf 2012 rack,deutz bf 2012 angular transducer,deutz bf 2012 turning machine,deutz bf 2012 grinding machine,deutz bf 2012 tool,deutz bf 2012 rack,deutz bf 2012 clamp,deutz bf 2012 heat exchanger,deutz bf 2012 intercooler,deutz bf 2012 oil pump,deutz bf 2012 pre pump,deutz bf 2012 angle sensor,deutz bf 2012
Moreover, from ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump general reaction constant of ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump expanded model, ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump production speed is relatively slow: N2, 02, NO NN 02, NO 0N 0H, N0 H ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pumprmal NOx, ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump main influencing factors are temperature and oxygen concentration. ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump concentration of ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pumprmal NOx increases with ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump increase of temperature and oxygen concentration. ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pumprefore, ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump basic principle of reducing ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pumprmal NOx is to reduce ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump concentration of oxygen, reduce ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump flame temperature and shorten ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump stay time of ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump high temperature zone. In engineering practice, ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump use of flue gas recirculation, shading burning, steam injection, and ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump new development of high temperature air combustion technology is using ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump above principle to control ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pump generation of type ,deutz BFM2012 Coolant pumprmal NOx measures.

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Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 -deutz 2012 spare parts

deutz BFM2012 crankshaft,deutz BFM2012 Engine block,deutz BFM2012 Engine frame,deutz BFM2012 piston,deutz BFM2012 connecting rod,deutz BFM2012 connecting rod bolt,deutz BFM2012 gasket,deutz BFM2012 intake valve,deutz BFM2012 exhaust valve,deutz BFM2012 Inlet valve seat,deutz BFM2012 exhaust valve seat,deutz BFM2012 turbocharger,deutz BFM2012 nozzle ring,deutz BFM2012 rotor,deutz BFM2012 bearings,deutz BFM2012 exhaust casing,deutz BFM2012 piston ring,deutz BFM2012 governor,deutz BFM2012 nozzle,deutz BFM2012 fuel
Investment construction and operation, ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 overall plan covers an area of 3,000 mu, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, divided into three phases. In July 2015, ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 ministry of industry and information technology was listed in ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 key construction zone of recycling recycling resources in ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas. ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 project includes office area, production area, living area, logistics area, environmental treatment facilities, comprehensive service facilities and related supporting construction. ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 duration of project concession is 20 years. ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 park issue in 70 companies, has achieved 100% occupancy rate and 80% utilization, with waste plastic storage, sorting, primary processing, trading and information ga,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 ring release function of circular economy industrial park. Hebei wei country government to promote ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 development of ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 industry, encourage enterprises in ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 park, was established ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 support for ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 development of renewable resources industry 10 preferential policy, regulation park located enterprises can enjoy industrial park of rent, tax and preferential policies of free publicity, etc. After park projects into, not only can effectively enhance ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 level of “city of mineral resources exploitation and utilization of technology, and conform to be copy, scalable, can draw lessons from ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 requirement of can of handan and ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 surrounding adjacent areas such as henan, shanxi, shandong effectively absorb of renewable resources, to reduce ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 pollution of ,Fuel pump for deutz BFM2012 city play a big role.

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Oil Pressure Switch for deutz Bf4 m2012 Diesel Engine

cylinder,deutz Bf4 m2012 control system,deutz Bf4 m2012 exhaust manifold,deutz Bf4 m2012 rack,deutz Bf4 m2012 angular transducer,deutz Bf4 m2012 turning machine,deutz Bf4 m2012 grinding machine,deutz Bf4 m2012 tool,deutz Bf4 m2012 rack,deutz Bf4 m2012 clamp,deutz Bf4 m2012 heat exchanger,deutz Bf4 m2012 intercooler,deutz Bf4 m2012 oil pump,deutz Bf4 m2012 pre pump,deutz Bf4 m2012 angle sensor,deutz Bf4 m2012 repair kits,deutz Bf4 m2012 spare parts,deutz Bf4 m2012 ring,deutz Bf4 m2012 gasket,deutz Bf4 m2012 adjustment gasket,deutz Bf4 m2012
sposal equipment creek industrial park is completed, significantly reduced emissions of waste water, waste gas, reduce the influence on surrounding environment and water, further optimize the urban environment, realize the sustainable development. At the same time, the harmless treatment of dead livestock and poultry is more thorough and effective, and the utilization of resources is more obvious. 5, jiangsu ,Oil Pressure Switch for deutz Bf4 m2012 industrial park with pollution environmental warning system vein garden project recommended units: the company is located in suzhou industrial park, the ,Oil Pressure Switch for deutz Bf4 m2012 of mudu ,Oil Pressure Switch for deutz Bf4 m2012 vein is in jiangsu province, the first collection of production, research and development, environment promotion and propaganda of environmental protection as one of the veins at the provincial level industrial park. The environmental warning system for the source of pollution in the industrial park is remarkable. It was launched ,Oil Pressure Switch for deutz Bf4 m2012. The system is divided into real-time monitoring, video monitoring, alarm management, analysis statistics, report statistics, online report and other modules. System command center set up in mudu ,Oil Pressure Switch for deutz Bf4 m2012 economic development zone of social division, through the early warning system, the command center can real-time monitor the gardens located enterprises equipment, facilities, drains, strengthen the supervision and management of the pollution sources. If the data of the venous industrial park is abnormal, the staff will be warned at the first time and start the emergency procedure according to the warning category.

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