Cylinder liner for deutz B913C, deutz 913 c spare parts

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Diesel is a hydrocarbon derived from petroleum in ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner range of 533K ~ 625K. ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner quality scores of each component were 87 percent carbon, 12.6 percent hydrogen and 0.4 percent oxygen. Hydrocarbon fuel combustion, will only produce COand 2 H2 O, no o,deutz B913C Cylinder liner r components. Compared with gasoline engine, ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner CO and HC emissions of diesel engine are relatively small, this is because ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner overall diesel engine running under ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner lean mixture, average excess air coefficient, generally between 1.5 ~ 3, ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner oxidation of CO generated can be fur,deutz B913C Cylinder liner r; As ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner main source of gasoline engine HC emissions – slit effect greatly weakened in ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner diesel engine, ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner reason is that diesel engine into ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner slit is in ,deutz B913C Cylinder liner air mixture, not so HC emissions are greatly reduced. NOx emissions are at

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Piston for deutz FL913 Diesel Engine

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Piston for deutz FL913 industrial park mainly serves linyi. Project living garbage, eat hutch garbage and sludge, kitchen waste and animal carcasses, five urban and rural solid waste harmless and resource recovery terminal disposal project, and ,Piston for deutz FL913 construction of form a complete set of natural gas purification, biodiesel production, central heating three green energy supply center, a sewage treatment center, and a research and development show and ,Piston for deutz FL913 centralized control center (a total of five project unit). Campus waste incineration power generation project, processing scale of up to 3000 tons, using two kinds of process of ,Piston for deutz FL913 circulating fluidized bed and grate boiler, not only has realized ,Piston for deutz FL913 confusion of ,Piston for deutz FL913 sludge and garbage processing, also can undertake cogeneration; Its food waste harmless treatment project adopts “pretreatment with oil + anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas” process; ,Piston for deutz FL913 sludge drying project adopts ,Piston for deutz FL913 pressure filtration process to reduce ,Piston for deutz FL913 moisture in ,Piston for deutz FL913 sludge to ,Piston for deutz FL913 burning degree and ,Piston for deutz FL913 n ,Piston for deutz FL913 incineration disposal.

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